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Scarlet skirt - houndstooth square patterns

Scarlet skirt - houndstooth square patterns

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This houndstooth square pattern is printed on thick and stretch fabric.

This skirt has a high waistband that will hold your curves perfectly. There is no zipper or closure. 

This pencil skirt has decorative black seams, black crochet panel at front and slit at the back.

Black crochet panel is made in Quebec. We are always proud to bring you locally ethically sourced materials.


73% Rayon
23% Nylon
4% Spandex

Model measurement

Model is 34.5'', 31'' and 39''.
She is 5'2'' tall and wears size Medium.

Care Instructions

Handwash your garment in cold soapy water is preferred. Rinse Thoroughly.

When using a washing machine, first turn your garments inside out. Separate your garments by color and pick a delicate cycle.

Hang to dry. Avoid putting in the dryer. The colors and density of the fabric will be altered.

Gently iron your garment with middle heat steam.

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