About us

A quick look at who we are...       

Putré-Fashion was established in 2005 when her founder was still a high school student. From the start, gothic and underground fashion were major influences.

In 2008, Putré-Fashion made its debut fashion show in the underground scene of Montreal. Presented at iconic Cabaret Cléopatre, this runaway presentation featured a range of alternative fashion, from PVC clubwear to gothic lolita streetwear.             

Since then, the brand was showcased in many fashion show in Quebec City, with a signature theatrical and quirky style.   

Putré-Fashion opened a flagship store in 2014 called Malice aux Merveilles where customers were able to customize orders directly from the workshop. This store carried more than 25 locally made alternative brands.

Always exploring with new styles and subcultures, Putré-Fashion can't be catagorized.

Putré-Fashion is now available in stores across Canada, United-States and Spain. If you are interested in carrying our line, please visit our wholesale site to discover our inventory. 

Pin up, misfits and out of this world fashion, our clothes is labelled with comfort for every silhouette and ages.