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Serenade skirt - Black/white stripes

Serenade skirt - Black/white stripes

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Do you like to feel whimsical but still a little bit dark ? Our Serenade skirt is the perfect piece for your wardrobe!

It is a circle skirt with two front panel of black/white striped fabric.
The black part of the skirt is made from super stretch medium weight fabric - Nylon, Rayon, Spandex.
Striped fabric is also stretch, but more light weight.

There are side pockets on the skirt.


73% Rayon
23% Nylon
4% Spandex

Model measurement

She is 45'', 43'' and 52''. She is 5'4'' and wears size XXL.

Care Instructions

Handwash your garment in cold soapy water is preferred. Rinse Thoroughly.

When using a washing machine, first turn your garments inside out. Separate your garments by color and pick a delicate cycle.

Hang to dry. Avoid putting in the dryer. The colors and density of the fabric will be altered.

Gently iron your garment with middle heat steam.

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